PS3 Games

here’s the top five of my recommended PS3 games that are from racing to shooting, every game is one of my favourites, from best to um… not as good.

1 is the best… so remember that…

  1. Mass effect 3
  2. Need for speed hot pursuit
  3. Call of duty modern warfare 4
  4. Uncharted 2
  5. Burnout paradise

So post any new games and a comment and it might make the top five!

Now, if you like computer games as well, click this link and be right there! 

One Response to PS3 Games

  1. admin says:

    ps3 game prices
    sega rally- £9.99
    sonic the hedgehog- £7.99
    madagascar escape 2 africa- £4.99
    motorstorm- £8.99
    ninja gaiden sigma- £7.99
    pirates of the carribean- £4.99
    avatar- £9.99
    have- £4.99

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